Schizophrenic Marketing Era as AI enters the data analytics-suit

Schizophrenic Marketing Era as AI enters the data analytics-suit

Schizophrenic Marketing Era as AI enters the data analytics-suit

Every year the European Marketing Confederation asks the European Marketing Director;  “what’s on your mind”.  This year, 2024, obviously “AI” is the main topic of interest, this amongst a divers variety of other subjects which are showing schizoprhenic situations.

The European Marketing Confederation, is pleased to announce the release of its yearly “European Marketing Agenda” report. The European Marketing Agenda 2024 – AI takes over, features the results of a critical survey where 8000 Senior Marketing managers and executives were invited to respond. This year the amount of feedback was much higher compared to previous years which make the results robust and trustworthy.


Last years report already showed the possible future impact of new technologies using AI. In this respect the report has proven be predictional. This year, AI is the nr. one top of mind subject for marketing directors all over Europe. Offcourse this is not the only subject. This year’s assessment covers the most important strategic topics for 2024 and beyond:   Brand Management, Marketing Operations, and Digitalisation (MarTech).


Dr. Ralf Strauss, chairman of EMC describes a rather schizophrenic situation in a lot of industries. “Marketing Operations is top of mind but only 1/3 is capable of having transparency on processes. Everybody wants personalization and one-on-one customer interaction but only 1/4 has a data strategy. Customer experience is top of mind, but many marketers still do not have an idea on the customer journey. There is no outside-in perspective on the customer journey, but everybody buys MarTech software. And last but not least. Everybody is screaming for sustainability, but do not know in marketing on how to get this realized and/or if they are really willing to sacrifice profits. A lot of interesting subjects to solve and talk about this year.”