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Nederlandse Galenus Prijs 2017

De uitreiking van de Galenus Geneesmiddelenprijs en de Galenus Researchprijs wordt met ingang van 2017 gesteund door de medische uitgeverij Springer Media. Springer Media zorgt tevens voor de verspreiding van de exclusieve Galenusprijs Special 2017.

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Cambridge start-up secures £40 million to trial innovative cancer drugs

Bicycle Therapeutics, a biotech start-up based in Cambridge, UK, has just raised £40 million from a range of investors including Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) in order to push its cancer drug candidates through to the clinical trial stage.

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Weakness discovered in malaria parasite could lead to new treatment

A protein has been newly discovered that could lead to an alternative form of vaccination against the spread of malaria parasites. The protein, named PfAP2-I, allows the malaria parasite to invade red blood cells, where it is then able to multiply and spread.

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Antibiotics Tied to Side Effects in Nearly 20% of Hospitalized Patients, Says Study

Researchers from The Johns Hopkins Hospital found that nearly 1 in 5 hospitalized adults developed an antibiotic-associated adverse drug event after receiving antibiotic therapy. Findings from their study are published in JAMA Internal Medicine. The team evaluated electronic medical records of 1,488 adult patients admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital between September 2013–June 2014 who received at least 24 […]

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AbbVie, Novo, Takeda take home honors in pharma’s latest reputation study

Which pharma company has the best reputation? Boston-based Reputation Institute has a few ideas. A study based on more than 16,500 reputation ratings collected throughout the U.S., Europe and Brazil during the first two months of this year has ranked AbbVie No. 1.

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UTI Diagnosis May Lead to Harmful Antibiotic Overtreatment

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Geriatric Center, Baltimore, MD, reported that for older patients, antibiotic therapy may not always be the right approach to treating urinary tract infections (UTI). Findings from the study were published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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Dure medicijnen worden mogelijk betaalbaar

Aan de Universiteit Utrecht is een apparaat bedacht waarmee apothekers snel en goedkoop zelf biologische medicijnen kunnen maken. De initiatiefnemer, Huub Schellekens, hoopt dat deze zogenoemde Bionexpresso de behandeling van zeldzame ziekten veel goedkoper kan maken. De behandeling van zeldzame ziekten kost nu vaak tonnen per patiënt, per jaar.

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Moving Toward a Better Blood Pressure Pill

Combining low doses of several different blood pressure drugs may be better than using a standard dose of just one medication, a new review of past studies suggests. Two-thirds of patients taking a blood pressure-lowering drug don’t improve as much as their doctors would like, the researchers noted.

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Acne antibiotic delays development of multiple sclerosis in small trial

An inexpensive antibiotic used to fight acne appears to delay the development of multiple sclerosis in people in the earliest stage of the crippling disease, according to a Canadian study. Treatment with the generic tetracycline drug minocycline produced fewer cases of MS after six months compared to people given a placebo.

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New antibiotic packs a punch against bacterial resistance

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have given new superpowers to a lifesaving antibiotic called vancomycin, an advance that could eliminate the threat of antibiotic-resistant infections for years to come. The researchers discovered a way to structurally modify vancomycin to make an already-powerful version of the antibiotic even more potent.

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