Omnichannel engagement in medical marketing is evolving

Healthcare marketing is an industry dominated by buzzwords and over the past year or so, few have matched the staying power of ‘omnichannel engagement.’

Consumer expectations are constantly changing and marketers are faced with the unenviable task of positioning pharma brands in ways that maximize their value.

Beyond the cliche, omnichannel engagement is a useful strategy that can take many forms for medical marketers and is an ever-evolving practice.

In its 2022 health advertising trends report, Veeva said effective omnichannel HCP engagement strategies can drive “real results.” The report concluded by noting that the most efficient direct-to-consumer and HCP media campaigns of 2021 relied on marketers following a holistic, omnichannel approach.

The industry has always been a bit slower to latch on to emerging trends or adopt innovative technologies, according to John Fitzpatrick, SVP of omnichannel engagement at PRECISIONeffect, but he said the growing popularization of omnichannel engagement should be viewed as an evolution.