10 Hated Marketing and Business Expressions: Catch Us If You Can

You might have read our list of the most despised industry jargon, buzzwords, and clichés a couple of months ago. Once that article went live, some of its contributors confessed to using words other contributors revile. (Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post for proof.)

Since the list entries came from Content Marketing World 2022 speakers, I couldn’t help but wonder: Would any of those hated terms echo through the keynote hall or session rooms during the event?

That’s where the scorecards come in.

While you’re in Cleveland this week, participating online next week, or following the #CMWorld hashtag on social, keep an ear out. Note how many times you see or hear each expression from the abridged list below.

Then, let us know in the comments. Don’t name names, please – nobody’s perfect. And, after all, one person’s ‘engagement’ is another person’s ‘North Star.’

Note: This week, we’re giving everyone a taste of Content Marketing World 2022 by featuring recaps of articles filled with insights from this year’s speakers.


I wish “activation” would die and never come back. Who talks like this? Other than businesspeople who never talked to their customers about their needs. Do customers say, “If only this were activated …”? Nope.”