Privacy Changes to Streaming Ads Are Coming

Privacy Changes to Streaming Ads Are Coming

Connected television, a rising star in the targeted, programmatic advertising industry, will soon be impacted by new privacy measures.

Connected television is often called CTV or OTT. The latter stands for “over the top” and is reminiscent of cable boxes or Roku devices that sat over the top of televisions.

For advertisers, the term can mean more. The definition of CTV “can be very convoluted. You can go down a rabbit hole of different definitions and abbreviations,” said Mary Kotara, a senior programmatic media consultant with Adswerve, a consultancy. Kotara was speaking during a live interview with the CommerceCo by Practical Ecommerce community on August 19, 2021.

The definition becomes challenging because CTV is not typically used to describe, for example, videos viewed on Facebook or even YouTube. But watching YouTube TV on a Roku device or Hulu on an iPhone is CTV.

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