WTF is automatic content recognition?

WTF is automatic content recognition?

How does ACR work?

There are two main methods: audio-based ACR and visual-based ACR. In either case, the technology is basically playing a high-tech game of pattern-matching. An audio or visual signal is captured from the smart TV — ex. some frames from a show or a snippet of a commercial jingle — and is then cross-referenced with a library of audio and visual signals from shows, movies and ads in order to find the match.

Almost any content that is played on a smart TV and carries an audio or visual signal. Shows airing on linear TV. Streaming shows. Digital videos. Movies played from a DVD or Blu-ray disc. And of course, ads. However, the caveat is that the content needs to be catalogued in the reference library that is used by the ACR tech to match the audio and/or visual signals of what is being played on a TV. 

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