How Topic Authority Impacts SEO

How Topic Authority Impacts SEO

How Topic Authority Impacts SEO

In May, Google published an article in its Search Central Blog titled “Understanding news topic authority.” The article explains how Google assesses expertise for responding to News and Search queries.

Here’s what we know about topic authority and its impact on rankings.

Establishing Authority

To establish topic authority:

  • Publish consistent content on your area of expertise. Cover all angles, problems, and solutions. Use internal links to help Google find the pages and associate them with your company or authorship.
  • Obtain links to your content from trusted resources. Connecting with journalists and posting on social media can put your content in front of authoritative publications and personnel.
  • Deploy markup to assist Google in understanding your expertise. Use “knowsAbout” and “sameAs” properties in the “Person” or “Organization” types to point Google to relevant external channels, such as a Wikipedia page on your topic.

Overall, connecting with other known entities is a good way to become trusted by Google. For example, search for an event name when considering sponsoring or speaking at it. Does it trigger a knowledge panel? Perform the same search for a potential brand collaboration.

If you’re aiming for prominent rankings, Google’s assessment of authority matters.

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