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New theory on Huntington’s disease shows promise to open new avenues of drug development

McMaster University researchers have developed a new theory on Huntington’s disease which is being welcomed for showing promise to open new avenues of drug development for the condition.

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Altitude sickness drug may offer significant gains for patients with glioblastoma

A drug used to treat altitude sickness — as well as glaucoma, epilepsy, heart failure and seizures — may also offer significant gains for patients with a fast-growing brain tumor known as glioblastoma, according to a study published July 4, 2018, in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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De psychologie achter online marketing

Vroeger ben ik – en velen met mij – doodgegooid met de principes van Cialdini. Vanuit mijn voormalige rol als communicatiewetenschapper gespecialiseerd in media en beïnvloeding (hier gebruik ik toch een Cialdini: autoriteit), heb ik zijn theorie dan ook meermaals ingezet voor een paper en mijn thesis.

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Pfizer delays drug price rises after discussions with Trump

Unusual U-turn on 100 products including Viagra follows criticism from US president.

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Stopping type 1 diabetes from birth

Experts believe they may have found a way to prevent the condition from developing in at risk babies.

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Ludwig-developed antibody drug for deadly brain cancer may have broader applications

A Ludwig Cancer Research study explains why a particular mutation in the epidermal growth factor receptor, a cell surface protein, results in more aggressive tumors and poorer overall survival of patients diagnosed with the brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme.

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Training AI systems with simulated X-rays

Artificial intelligence holds real potential for improving both the speed and accuracy of medical diagnostics. But before clinicians can harness the power of AI to identify conditions in images such as X-rays, they have to ‘teach’ the algorithms what to look for.

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Online video platforms vergelijken: 7 tips om je te helpen kiezen

Werkt je organisatie steeds meer met video? Maakt online video onderdeel uit van je communicatiestrategie én zoek je naar mogelijkheden om video’s beter te beheren en laten presteren? Naast een goede videoproductie is een goed online video platform essentieel om video succesvol in te kunnen zetten.


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Machine-learning model automates design of new molecules to accelerate drug development

Designing new molecules for pharmaceuticals is primarily a manual, time-consuming process that’s prone to error. But MIT researchers have now taken a step toward fully automating the design process, which could drastically speed things up — and produce better results.

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MSD’s ulcerative colitis drug scores expanded indication in Europe

New Jersey-based multinational MSD have announced that the European Commission (EC) has approved Simponi (golimumab) for early dose optimisation in ulcerative colitis (UC) for patients with body weight less than 80kg who do not respond adequately to induction therapy.

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