Here are 5 trends you might have missed from Advertising Week

Marketing Briefing: Here are 5 trends you might have missed from Advertising Week

Here are 5 trends you might have missed from Advertising Week

The industry’s obsession with generative AI continues

The industry continued to shine a spotlight on generative AI at this year’s conference with panel discussions that ranged from use cases for generative AI — and its inherent risks. Creators who were paid to travel to Advertising Week told Digiday that they were hopeful that AI would not replace them, but the issue has already concerned other creators about the best way to use the tools for content creation. Read more Digiday coverage on generative AI here.

Publishers are rethinking KPIs

Publishers, in the midst of navigating a changing digital landscape, are focusing on providing the metrics that advertisers care about. For Condé Nast, or so they said at Advertising Week, that looks like focusing on attention metric KPIs and using its brand name power to win over dollars. Read more Digiday coverage on the future of measurement.

Gaming is continuing to mature

Gaming is continuing to mature as a channel that marketers take seriously — if the number of panel discussions on that matter is anything to go by. While many of the sessions were captivated by buzzwords that are so 2022 — think “metaverse” and Web3 — the number of interested parties in these sessions indicate gaming is something that’s still on marketers’ minds. Read more Digiday coverage on gaming and esports here.

Brand safety is always a concern

Is it an industry event without brand safety coming up? This time around, publishers dissected how they are treating the current news cycle including international crises and ongoing political turmoil in the U.S., with advertiser dollars to create brand safe scenarios for marketers. Read more Digiday coverage on brand safety here.

Omnicom Media Group aims to tighten up industry standards

Omnicom Media Group is applying the guidance of its Council on Accountability and Standards in Advertising (CASA) to apply standards to a variety of areas in the media world. The organization announced new standards and partnerships for CTVretail mediaprogrammatic, and social at the event. For a full recap of our Advertising Week coverage, please visit here.

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