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Anxiety medications may be tied to Alzheimer’s Risk

Older adults who habitually use sedatives for anxiety or insomnia may have a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. The drugs in question are benzodiazepines, a widely prescribed group of sedatives that include lorazepam (Ativan), diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax).

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BiondVax gets 4.87 million NIS grant from office of the Chief Scientist for development of flu vaccine

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, an advanced clinical stage biotech company dedicated to improving global protection against influenza, has been awarded a sum of 4.87 million NIS by the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy (OCS) for the continued development of BiondVax’s Universal Influenza Vaccine in advanced clinical trials.

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Apple launches health-centred smartwatch

Apple has finally unveiled its long-rumoured ‘smartwatch’ to the world along with new iPhones and a payment system. At the highly anticipated event held yesterday at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in California, the US tech giant revealed the simply-named Apple Watch that acts as a health and fitness tracker, but must be used […]

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Antibiotic stewardship programs reduce hospital readmissions due to infection

Antibiotic stewardship programs, which promote the appropriate use of antibiotics in hospitals and other healthcare centers, not only lead to reduction in antibiotic use with reduced adverse events, but also lead to significant savings. In the case of one New York hospital, more than $600,000 was saved annually, according to research presented today at the 54th […]

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6 Keys to shifting an enterprise to a content marketing mindset

How do you think content marketing will change — and what do you need to know to approach your job more successfully? This question was recently posed to 27 marketing leaders during a series of in-depth interviews conducted by CMI, and a few key themes emerged. For example, we found many content marketers want to […]

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MHRA leads social media drug safety initiative

The MHRA has announced that it is to lead European medicines regulators, academics and pharma in a three-year project to develop new ways of gathering drug safety information. Known as ‘WEB-RADR’, the project is in response to the rise in the use of smartphones, apps, and social media for discussing issues with medicines and health, […]

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AstraZeneca drug misses goal in severe COPD but improves lung function

An experimental drug from AstraZeneca – part of a new wave of injectable respiratory drugs designed for people who do not respond adequately to traditional inhalers – has shown mixed results in chronic lung disease. Data published in The Lancet on Monday and being presented at the European Respiratory Society congress in Munich showed benralizumab […]

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Uitbraak knokkelkoorts in Tokio

Voor het eerst sinds het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog is in Japan knokkelkoorts (dengue) uitgebroken. Zo’n zestig Japanners zijn ziek geworden nadat ze door muggen die het dengue-virus droegen waren gestoken. De bron van de besmetting is vermoedelijk het Yoyogi-park in de hoofdstad Tokio. Daar zijn op vier plekken dengue-muggen gevonden.  

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Lilly’s diabetes drug trumps Sanofi’s in late-stage trials

Eli Lilly and Co said its diabetes drug was more effective than Sanofi SA’s approved drug, Lantus, in reducing blood sugar levels in late-stage trials.

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‘Ouderengeneeskunde moet naar eerste lijn’

De eerstelijnszorg moet versterkt worden met de inzet van de specialist ouderengeneeskunde. Dat zegt hoogleraar ouderengeneeskunde Cees Hertogh van het VUmc op basis van de resultaten van Motivaction-onderzoek. Daaruit blijkt dat mantelzorgers behoefte hebben aan iemand die de weg kent en met wie de verantwoordelijkheid voor de zorg en behandeling gedeeld kan worden. De specialist […]

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