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NICE releases ‘person-centred’ medicines optimisation guidelines

NICE has recently released the draft of its first guidance on medicines optimisation that it hopes will be more person-centered and influence decision-making. Getting the most from medicines is becoming increasingly important in the UK as more people are using more medicines NICE says, and as the population ages more people are living with long-term […]

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AstraZeneca photo campaign helps cancer patients swap stories on social media

AstraZeneca has launched a photo-sharing campaign on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites to get women talking about their metastatic breast cancer (MBC). It’s an idea born from patients’ feedback; women say they want to tell their stories and hear from fellow patients, the company says.

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FDA approves new hepatitis C drug: Harvoni

Insurers and patients are decrying the cost for the new drug, nearly $95,000 for a 12-week course of treatment, which is more expensive than Gilead’s other hepatitis C drug, Sovaldi. But unlike some hepatitis C treatments, Harvoni can be taken without injections usually given to hepatitis C patients.

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Pfizer breast cancer pill gets FDA nod

Pfizer’s experimental breast cancer drug palbociclib has been accepted and granted a priority review by the US Food and Drug Administration which can speed its approval process by up to four months. The firm submitted an early application for its drug in August that is used to treat postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer, in […]

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Amgen biosimilar matches AbbVie’s Humira in psoriasis trial

Amgen is on track to launch a biosimilar competitor to AbbVie’s Humira – the biggest-selling pharmaceutical product in the world – after positive data in a phase III trial. The biotech major said that in the first of two late-stage studies, its ABP 501 biosimilar was equivalent to Humira (adalimumab) in terms of its efficacy and […]

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Kids may leave hospital sooner when antibiotics are controlled

New research finds that children who are hospitalized get discharged sooner and come back less often when hospitals take extra efforts to control treatment that uses antibiotics. Some hospitals and other medical facilities have embraced “stewardship programs” designed to make it harder for physicians to prescribe antibiotic medications without a good reason.

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BHVH cardiologists implant investigational cardiac pacemaker the size of a multivitamin

Cardiologists on the medical staff at Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital (BHVH) today implanted an investigational cardiac pacemaker the size of a multivitamin. The first implantable pacemakers, developed in the late-1950s, were nearer the size of a transistor radio. Cardiologists on the BHVH medical staff implanted the world’s smallest pacemaker, the […]

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DiabeticWatchers launches web-based app to create awareness, prevention of diabetes

DiabeticWatchers announced today the official launch of, a web based and mobile application devoted to creating awareness and prevention of diabetes, through community outreach campaigns, and offering cutting edge technology to help those living with diabetes to manage the disease.

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MSD Oss gaat meer Implanon produceren

Medicijnfabrikant MSD gaat in een nieuwe fabriek op het bedrijfsterrein in Oss meer dan tien miljoen anticonceptiestaafjes per jaar maken voor vooral ontwikkelingslanden in Afrika en Azië. De fabriek in Oss wordt woensdag officieel geopend en is de enige plek in de wereld waar het anticonceptiestaafje van het merk Implanon gemaakt wordt.

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Bereid u voor op de overheveling van overige oncolytica

Per 1 januari 2015 wordt de groep overige oncolytica overgeheveld van het farmaciebudget naar het ziekenhuisbudget. Patiënten hebben vanaf die datum alleen nog vanuit de aanspraak intramurale geneeskundige zorg toegang tot deze geneesmiddelen. Dit betekent dat openbare apotheken deze geneesmiddelen niet meer bij zorgverzekeraars kunnen declareren.

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